Posted by: isshino | February 11, 2008

How the Alien started running

It’s been a few months since i saw myself one day in the mirror and thought ‘Damn, I have to change’. Of course, it wasn’t the first time that thought crossed my mind, but that time, i was being serious to myself, i had to do it. After that i joined a Gym and started working out. At first, it was hard, it was hard to find time to work out, it was hard to find the energy to work out, it was hard to go again after every muscle in my body was aching, and the diet’s… it was SO hard to stay on a healthy diet. But i had promised myself that i would do it, and this time, it was a serious promise, not like a new year’s resolution that fades away as fast as january does.

Now i look at myself in the mirror, and although i still dont consider myself to be Fit, i can see that I’m getting there, that I am closer to being fit than I am from being fat. I also see a different person now, I have a healthy diet, and its not hard to keep it because my stomach can’t handle junk food as well as it used to, and I’m actually proud of that!!! I also have to wear a belt now, because all of my old pants would fall if I didn’t, and It feels great when i have to pull my pants up because they are falling!!! I still have a lot to go, im 2 or 3 pounds away from truly flat abs, and after that, its time to work hard for the dreamed 6-pack!

For me, the trick was to set really small goals that i could achieve fast, knowing that each of those small steps would eventually get me to my big long term goals. Goals like loosing 1 pound in 2 weeks, staying longer on the treadmill or eating smaller portions each day. It made it easier to go step by step, because i knew if i was trying to reach for the finish line everyday i would get tired and frustrated too fast.

The best part is how good it feels to work out now. I started going to the gym 3 days a week, then 4, then 5, and now it’s 7 days a week. At the beginning it was hard to get myself to go, and i was really good at making excuses to miss a workout session. Now I’m eager to go since the moment i wake up and i get pissed if something comes up that makes me miss a session.

I ask myself, was it worth it to go through all this? Now people react different towards me, I feel more confident and i know that if i can keep up like this, i can achieve anything i want in my life. Im even starting to date again, and the best part of it, it’s that she is really hot!!

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