Posted by: isshino | February 27, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Last night was my last night, my life as i knew it ended. Today it’s my new beginning, I was up to a good start last season, but today im starting in a totally different league! I am going to accomplish all my goals, each and evrery one of them this season, its going to be hard, my mind is going to be tired and my body is going to hurt! but i can do it.

I’ve been working out a lot lately, but i didn’t really had a set goal for it, i wanted to loose weight and to look better, and thats good, but it’s also a bit too ambiguous. But now I know what I want. I want to run and I’m starting now with training. I’ve set up my schedule to run 4 days a week, increasing the times and distances each week. The rest of the days I’m working out too, but not running, my legs need to get some rest.

My goals? Well I’m running a 5k this saturday, then I keep training for a 10k on april. After that it’s time for my first big trial, the one that I’m afraid off right now, a half marathon on may 1st!! I’ve never run as a sport or done it regularly, so thinking about running 2 and a half hours (thats the time i want to aim for) without stopping is intimidating, also the distance is intimidating, 21k seems like a lot to me right now. But i know i can do it if I work hard enough!!

So today is the first day of the rest of my life, it feels good to have the chance to start over, to be able to change and to know that I can do it… don’t ask me how I know it, but I just know!!

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