Posted by: isshino | March 3, 2008

Shit happens, but what do you do when it happens to you?

Well, shit happens right? Saturday was supposed to be my first 5k, i spent the the whole week working out for it and was really excited about it. I went saturday morning to sign up for the race, but the inscription time had ended!!! It turns out that they changed the inscription dates for the week, and not the race day, but the sponsors didn’t update their website, so I had no idea i could had signed up for it during the week and lost my chance… I had to admit it was a big hit for me at the moment and I felt really disappointed…

What now? I was really tempted to go to the McD on the corner and eat a hamburger with fries and even an ice cream!!! But then i saw my reflexion in a car, and saw the ‘new me’ there. So I changed my mind and went to the gym, first thing i did was jump on the treadmill and run 5k of course!! After that i did some weight lifting and then I joined a spinning class, I ended up leaving the gym after 2 hours of really hard workout and feeling a lot better.

Then that evening at 7pm (the time the race was supposed to take place) i somehow felt that i still had energy on me, so i put on my running shoes and hit the road, and of course, I run again 5k!! I did it on 29mins, which is now my fastest time! although it’s not an official time yet. On sunday I went out running again, 10k this time, the longest distance I’ve ever run in my life!!

After this weekend i realized that my body is a lot stronger than I thought, and that my mind is the one stopping me half the times!! Somehow not being able to race on saturday gave me energy, I reacted thinking ‘You wont let me race? Well now I’m going to train harder and run longer distances!!!’, doesn’t make much sense, but i’d rather not think about that little detail. I had planned to train for a half marathon after this race, but now with my renewed energy, I’ve decided that I’m going to train for the full marathon, I have 8 weeks, I’ve made my training schedule and all that’s left is to train as hard as I can.


  1. That is a total bummer, but big kudos to you for running a 5k on your own followed up by 10k the next day. And, for passing on the McD’s.

    Found your blog on CRN. Keep up the great effort. It all pays off.

  2. Thanks for the support, I did the payment yesterday for the Caracas Marathon, so i wont miss it!! Now i have to wait for them to open inscriptions on the 17th to have officially signed in for it.

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