Posted by: isshino | March 8, 2008

The Alien Got Mugged!!!

Well, it seems I’m not having good look lately. This morning I was going to class, driving in traffic at 6:30am, listening to music on my ipod as I do everyday, When this little kid (he was around 16 maybe?) pops up out of the blue on my window (whicha was open) and ‘asks me’ to give him my cell phone!! I dont know what scared me the most at that time, the kid trying to rob me, or that he almost asked nicely for it!!! The first thing i did was move forward in traffic as much as I could, but he ran besides my car.

So what should I do? There’s someone on the window of my car trying to rob my cell phone!!! Everyone always tell me to give them everything they want in the case i get robbed, that it’s the safest thing to do and that material things are all replaceable. And all of this is truth. But this was a young kid, he didn’t have a gun, knife or anything that made me feel threatened.

So did I choose to do the rational thing to do? Did I followed logic? HELL NO!! Before I had a chance t think about anything i threw a punch at his face and the fighting started! There I was in the middle of traffic sitting on my car fighting a thief!! It was all too surreal and extremely realistic at the same time, but I didn’t have a chance to think about this at this time, I had to kick his ass before he kicked mine!! I think he was as surprised at my reaction as I was, but as I kept throwing punches at him he was still trying to take something from me, so he reached for the first thing he saw, took my Ipod, turned around and ran away through the cars in traffic…

By the time I pulled off my seatbelt and opened my car door he was too far from me, and I couldn’t leave my car there opened and start running after him through cars. Although I admit that this story would be SO MUCH MORE cool if I had run after him and finished kicking his ass, but at that time i had recover some sense… sadly.

So what’s the moral of all this? (Besides keeping your window up while in traffic, duh!) I am proud at my reaction, I’m proud at not giving up on my things and having what it takes to fight against anything. And somehow I relate my reaction to running. Running has changed my life. I now know that I can do things that I would never dare to do before(like run for more than an hour without stopping! or fight a tugh), that my body is a lot stronger that my mind gives it credit for, and that I can take on anythings that dares stand before me!!

Oh and one more thing, It is really hard to try to kick someone’s ass while sitting and wearing your seatbelt!

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