Posted by: isshino | March 26, 2008

A good training week!!

Last week was a good week!! I didn’t had classes so I had a lot of free time that I used to work out! I ran almost everyday, and I’m getting used to the long distances, it’s not so hard anymore on my joints and specially on my mind. I think the ‘mind factor’ is the hardest part of endurance training for me, because even though I love running, after 1 hour my mind starts to wonder away from the road and into the comfort of my bed, where I could be lying with the A/A on and watch T.V. And I start to try to convince myself to stop running and go rest. But it’s happening less and less with each run, podcasts have helped a lot with the ‘mind factor’, it’s a good distraction and I’m learning more and more about the tri sport each day. Another thing that made me stop a lot was the fear of getting an injury, so each time i felt any kind of soreness i would panic and stop running, now I just slow down, analyze the situation, wait a bit and decide if I really should stop. As Iron Kahuna and Iron Will were saying on their last podcast: (‘Get Your Geek On #45’!! that i was listening to while I was running yesterday) Just slow down, look around you and realize that everything’s alright.

On the days that I didn’t run I went to the gym and went swimming… oh swimming… I love water, I love the ocean and I’ve always consider myself an ‘ok’ swimmer, until last week when I tried to swim in a more ‘competitive’ way. I was trying to swim a few pools for the first time in years, and I was thinking that if I can run 15k without getting really tired, swimming a little would be simple for me… WRONG!! First thing I noticed when I started swimming is that I CANT BREATHE UNDERWATER!! so the whole exercise is totally different because of the breathing pace, which I couldn’t get right… ever, I would swim 1 pool and end up feeling as if I was going to have a hearth attack!! Well, it turns out that I’m a terrible swimmer, so I decided to enter swimming lessons (more on that on another post!).

To finish my great training week I went with my uncle and cousing to a Lake called ‘Represa de Camatagua’ to do some Kayak, about 2 hours away from where I live. I didn’t know I could find such a beautiful and peaceful place around here, there was absolutely noone around us. It was a great way to end up the week, work on my upper body and give my legs some deserved rest!


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