Posted by: isshino | April 2, 2008

I can Swim!!!!

After writing last week about how i was unable to swim more than 1 pool without feeling as if i was going to have a hearth attack, I decided to get swimming lessons. So after making that post I went to a swimming academy that is relatively close to my house and signed up for 3 months of swimming lessons, starting the next day!! So I had to go shopping for a swim suit and a ‘swimming hat’.

God, I felt so embarrassed when I entered the sports store and asked for a swimsuit… but not the regular ones that I use, the long surfer shorts that look cool on you, this is a really small Lycra thing… I’m not used to wearing this kind of clothes!!!

I had my first lessons the next day at 7am!! The academy is a really nice place, the pool is warm! and I really like that I pretty much have an instructor for myself during the lessons. And because everyone was wearing the same ridiculous swimsuit I didn’t feel so embarrassed when I put mine on, besides, I look better on it than the others!

The instructor made swim for a bit and told me that I was breathing the wrong way (something I knew, but I had no idea what was the right way to do it!). So after making a few corrections to my posture, the way I reach out for air with my head and some practice to stretch more my arms, I was swimming 50 meters without getting tired at all!! I’m looking forward for next thursday for my next lessons, I think I’m not that bad a swimmer after all!

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