Posted by: isshino | April 7, 2008

Buying shoes shouldn’t be this complicated!!!

My new shoes!

After finishing my long run with knee pains six weeks ago I decided to investigate a way to avoid this. After a fast online search i discovered that it was probably caused because I wasn’t using the right kind of shoes for me. I read that I should go to a running shoe store and ask them to help me get the right kind of shoe for me… If it only was that simple…

There are no specialized running shoe stores here, and the people that work in regular shoe stores have absolutely no clue about different running shoes. For them the only difference is the way they look, brand and price. I read all that I could about running shoes, and tried to figure out which was best for me, went on a few runs paying extra attention to the way I was running, and after making sure that I needed a ‘Stability’ kind of shoes, I went to Runner’s World great shoe finder page to decide the brand and model of shoes I wanted.

I decided I wanted the Asics GT 2130, and went out to finally buy a pair of shoes!!… or at least thats what I thought I was going to do. After going to a few Malls and finding out that none of the stores sold Asics I was starting to get frustrated, thinking that I was going to have to go back to my house and decide for a different shoe… But I talked to a friend and he told me that there was this one store that was selling Asics!! so I go there, see the shoes that I want, test them and THEY FEEL GREAT! FINALLY!!!… or thats what I thought… When I ask for the price, they told me they cost the equivalent to 350$!!!! dang! thats too expensive for a pair of shoes!

I go to my house and check the price on amazon, and they are 95$ there!! So I decided to buy them from amazon and wait for them a few weeks… So last friday, six weeks after I decided I wanted to buy new shoes, I finally get my new shoes, took them on a short run on friday and on my long on yesterday… and WOW THOSE SHOES ARE GOOD!!! I ran 15k yesterday and my knees are feeling great today! not the smallest pain!!! So even though it took me 6 weeks to get a new pair of shoes, it was worth it…. but buying shoes shouldn’t be this complicated!!!!!!


  1. You are right, buying shoes should not be that difficult.

    A great resource that I use is Road Runner Sport’s Shoe Dog shoe finder ( Put in your criteria and it spits out all the different shoes that fall in to your category. What I do is then print the list out and head to the shoe store or order them from Runners Warehouse; they seem to have the best prices on the net.

  2. […] because they are either too expensive, or it’s too complicated to order one (a lot more than getting a new pair of shoes). Last night I saw one that I liked in ‘’ (something like ebay, but […]

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