Posted by: isshino | April 14, 2008


I’ve hear that there was a big group of runners that made routes on Friday nights near my house, so I went to check it out last Friday. IT WAS AWESOME!! I went to ‘Plaza Altamira’ (picture) and see a group of 350+ people stretching together, a tent of Gatorade giving freebies and lot of cops… yes the police was there!

Then I found out that most of the people there were police students, and that they go for a run every friday night, and that other runners started joining them, then the mayor’s wife joined the group, got the sponsors and started to give publicity to it (there were some famous local actors running among us!).

At 8:30 we started to run, the police students were organized in a semi-militar way, so that people was running aligned and at the same pace, while the police instructors and students were singing! It was sooooo cool, for the first time on a run I took out my earphones, turned off my ipod and just enjoyed the policemen’s singing while we run. There were police officers in bikes stopping traffic for us wherever we go, and we went to some place that I would never EVER go at night unless i was… lets say… surrounded by 200 cops!

It was an incredible experience, I’ll be sure to take my camera next time and take some pictures so that everyone can see how cool this is… Just imagine running at night, with your own 200 police officers escort stopping traffic (and singing!) for you!!!


  1. Sounds rather fun!! I enjoy good company and police officers always seem to know how to have fun with their workouts. I reported on a group of police officers competing in a fun run once and it was the greatest time.

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