Posted by: isshino | April 16, 2008

I R a Machina!

On march 16 I decided to increase the intensity of my training, in both time and intensity, and today checking at my training blog all i can say is WOW!! I’ve done a lot!! A year ago I was weighting 44 pounds more than now and the only exercise that I could do was walk to my car.

Now I’m in the best shape of my life, I’ve almost reached my weight goal (I want to loose around 4 more pound so i can be at 7% body fat), and am starting tone out, I can see muscles that I didn’t knew I had and I see getting a six pack as something possible in the next few months if I can keep up with training like I am now.

I have to admit that being single helps me have enough time to work out (how ironic is it that i started to work out in the first place to try and find ‘that special someone’, and that now I don’t have time for that because of the training?), and that also I work from home so I make my own work schedule, so the only fix thing that I have to do is go to classes, and thats 3 mornings/week, but still…

For the last month I have been working out 10 hours+ each week, distributed in 8 or 9 training sessions (I train every day, sometimes twice a day). By the start of the month I was still going to the gym and doing some power bike classes, but I dropped that 2 weeks ago and changed it with running every day, still, I ran 109.7 miles (176.7k) on this month, burned and average of 5500+ calories each week and lost 4 pounds. Each week I’m training with more intensity and more time, and each week I’m feeling better, I just can’t stop training… I R a Machina!!


  1. Great work on losing those 44 pounds in a year! I once lost 70 lbs and I know the amazing feeling! I hear ya on the whole having more time to train while single thing. I miss all the time I had to train when I was single! But I suppose it’s all a trade off.

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