Posted by: isshino | April 21, 2008

My first 10k: Results!

Yesterday was my first 10k race, it surpassed all my expectations, in every possible way, from the number of people that were racing, the hype, my performance in the race, everything was better than I had expected, it was GREAT!

I decided to make 2 posts about the race, one describing how it was to race for the first time, and this one with the results:

First, lets go with the numbers of how I performed:

Overall Position: 962
Position in male group: 857 (women seem to be slow around here :S )
Position in my age group: 133
Distance: 10k
Average Heart Rate: 92% (178 bpm)
Max Heart Rate: 118% (231 bpm)
Heart Rate zone 65% – 85% (127 bmp – 166 bpm)
Time in Zone : 4:45
Time Above Zone: 47:42
Calories: 803
Time 53:33!!!

I have been training for a half marathon, and because of this most of my training has been focused towards endurance, being able to finish the race, no matter how long it takes me, I rarely do any speed training so my time goal was 1 hour 5 mins… I FINISHED IN 53:33!!!! this is so much better than I was expecting!! The best I was hoping for was 59 mins, but i did in 53:33!!!!

Ok, but if you see my numbers you can clearly see why I did better than I was expecting. My Heart Rate was a lot higher than it should had been. And this wasn’t on peak moments, it was high constantly during the whole race, peaking higher than it ever had before (the highest I had registered before this race was 206 bpm, and I got to 231 bpm on the race). There is no way that I could keep this pace on my half marathon in 2 weeks, so I have to ignore everyone around me and just go slow. And after the half marathon I HAVE to start focussing my training on speed, I have to start doing intervals.

Other than my Heart Rate, I think my numbers look good. I will (probably) go to another 10k in june, so I’m going to try and get some speed-works done by then, to see if I can improve this time without putting so much stress into my body.

Thanks for reading and for your support!


  1. Great job!!!

  2. Holy crap! Great numbers. Oh, and don’t forget your tempo work!

  3. Congrats! What a great time, and way to blow your goal time out of the water, woo hoo!!

  4. Alien, where you been? Still training hard?

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