Posted by: isshino | May 1, 2008

I Want to Run!!!

Well, the big day is getting closer. I’ve been keeping myself busy successfully and avoiding exercise to make sure I’m well rested for Sunday. I had thought on running 5k yesterday but I ended up working until midnight, so I’m getting up to date with work, classes and personal projects!!

Today I got a big anxiety moment while reading Belinda Granger race report on SimplyStu’s blog. I wanted to go on a bike ride so bad after reading it!! Thank god it was dark already or I would had!
It’s really inspiring how people can complete those amazing and incredibly hard races. I love the fact that not only the pro’s are capable of finishing them, but also any regular folk can do it, all you have to do is prepare for it, just like you do for a marathon, but harder.

I also found some really nice and inspiring pic’s on Jason Davis site. He is the one who took the pics of Belinda that are on Stu’s blog, but this is the link to his site.

Don\'t you wish you were there? or am I just crazy!

Don\’t you wish you were there? or am I just crazy!

Tomorrow I am going to go running for the first time this week. I’m going with a friend that is starting to run, so it will be a mix of slow pace running and walking, but at least I’ll be out there again!!!


  1. Cool picture, but I don’t think I would want to be that person.

    Holy crap, that is a heck of a race report. 10 hours! I would die.

  2. I kind of do wish I were there!

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