Posted by: isshino | May 15, 2008

The Aliens future Plans & Goals

I know I haven’t post in a while, I was really busy with classes and work, but I am finally back in Blogland!! Also, I haven’t been able to run once since my half marathon!!! I was having pains on my right foot since the race, which made it hard to walk on the first days, and lately it just bothered me when I tried to run, so I decided to take it easy on my recovery and wait until I was ready to start training again.

While resting I have been reading a lot to develop a training plan and finding out what future races I am going to be participating in the next few months. Well, now my next ‘A’ race is a Half Ironman (just thinking about it scares me right now), so all my training has to be geared towards that. I still have time, since I will be running it mid- 2009, so I have more than a year to train, but the earlier I start training for it, the better prepared I’ll be on race day. I also plan on running a marathon before it (may 2009), but as a part of my training for the Half Ironman.

That’s for next year, and I’ll start training for that now, but what will I do in the meantime? My plans for the next 3 months include doing more speed work to take my 10k time under 50 mins before august and being extra careful with my nutrition to take my body fat % under 10% (it’s at 12% right now). There is also a triathlon announced to take place on july 27, if it’s a sprint distance I’ll give it a go and see how I do, if it’s longer than that I will have to pass since my swimming still needs a lot of improvement. But I wont know what distance it is until they make the announcement, and who knows when they’ll do that… Yay!! for living in a third world country?!!?!?

There are a good amount of 10k races around my area in the next few months, and I will try to do as many as possible, as well as another half marathon on November, so I can e-train for it with Chris and Rachel.

I decided that it’s time to take my tri-training a step further and start focusing more on my bike and swimming, while having a more complex running program. I wont start with the specific Half Ironman training yet (specially the distances part), because there is still too much time for it, but I will focus a lot on strength and speed for the next few months.

My training program is going to be something like this (or at least thats what I am aiming to, I hope that writing it here helps me commit to it and don’t miss a session):

Monday: Core and Weight training. Slow Run.
Tuesday: Bike (hills) and a short run right after the bike ride.
Wednesday: Core training. Run (speed works)
Thursday: Swim and bike (hills).
Friday: Core training. Run (tempo).
Saturday: Swim and Weight training.
Sunday: Long bike ride.

Seems like a lot right now, but I think that after a few hard weeks I will get used to it and start improving on each of the sports. I want to finish recovering this week so I will be starting with it next week, wish me luck!


  1. Hey Alien, so glad to see you are back and blogging again. Wow. Those triathlons. You are ambitious!

    Your schedule doesn’t look like it gives your body any time to rest – that’s when your body can actually grow stronger. Do any of the books you have read suggest that you need one complete day of down time?

  2. There are different opinions on rest days, i’ve read from people training really hard 2 days and then resting one, or training 6 days a week and resting one, or training 7 days a week with one easy day, which is what I am aiming to do.
    There are some key trainings that you shouldn’t miss (like the long runs when training for a marathon) and other sessions that you can miss if you are feeling too tired, I always try to listen to my body and take a break whenever it’s needed.

  3. I would have to agree with the rest time theory? That schedule looks pretty intense but I have seen some running schedules particularly that suggest cross-training on your rest days so I suppose it is possible.

    Great goals!!!

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