Posted by: isshino | May 28, 2008

Im not Injured!!

Yes, I’m not injured!!! Why am I saying that you ask? Well, the truth is that since my half marathon 3 weeks ago I thought I was injured, the longest run before today that I was able to do was a painful 6k last week. And before that one only 2 other runs; on the first one I didn’t make it to 2.5k and in the second one I managed to barely run 3k. I know I didn’t mentioned any of this on my previous posts, but I was trying to ignore the pain, as if by ignoring it I would make it go away, but each time I tried to run it was there… It was a hard pain on the plant of my right foot, everyone that I talked to said that it was plantar fasciitis, and after searching on the web I found out that it could take even a year to heal… A YEAR WITHOUT RUNNING!!! not an option.. so I choose to ignore it…

I had set today to be my last trial run, if I had pain today, I was going to be forced to stop ignoring it and go to a real doctor, not the internet or friends that don’t run… Well, I went tonight to a park near my house and ran 7k!!! A beautiful, perfect and pain-free 7k run!!! So that’s why I am happy to say I’M NOT INJURED!!!

Besides my inability to run last week, my first week of training post-half-marathon went pretty well…. until my thursday bike ride…

missing pedal

Can you see the missing pedal there? well, it felt off on the middle of my thursday ride, which made me walk 6k back home… But, thanks to it I ended up buying a new Shimano Dura-Ace crankset for the spaceship, which is a far superior component than what it had before, so in the end I’m happier with my spaceship now!!

And to close this post I leave you with a pic of the 3 screens I check while riding the spaceship!

spaceship dashboard

I’m considering Chris suggestion of adding a computer monitor to it, that way I could blog while I ride!!!


  1. Yikes…loss of a pedal…no good!

    I know the feeling of finally getting a run in without the pain…it’s quite the amazing feeling. Now that those crazy side stitches are gone I have the hardest time stopping because I keep thinking “but there isn’t pain!”

  2. Hahahaha. Now THAT I want to see. You blogging while riding; that would be fantastic!

    I hear you on the pain thing. I have had an odd knee pain for a few days now that is kind of limiting my running. I told the wifey I would take a few days off but it is really hard. The running gods have a hold on me and I can’t get lose.

    Glad you are feeling well.

  3. Glad you are feeling pain no more – that’s awesome! My god, you are a true gadgetaholic, and I will bow down to you (ala Wayne’s World, I’m not worthy…) if you get a computer on that spaceship too! 🙂

  4. Laughing about all the gadgets – how do you not run into stuff? I am so uncoordinated that biking still takes most of my attention after all these years.

    When I have foot pain like that, I become extra diligent in doing toe curls. The first one or two are awful – but they keep my feet happy and running.


  5. If the gadgets motivate you to get out there and do it, I say bring on the gadgets! About blogging while training – you could almost do it with a cell phone. Typepad (my blogs host) has this special email address you can send your text messages or cell phone photos to and they automatically get posted! Now, can you text message while biking? I can’t even do it driving! Picture messaging maybe…

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