Posted by: isshino | June 17, 2008

More Gadgets!!!

Well, I finally have some time to blog again!! Last few weeks were really hectic for me with the class finals and work I barely had any time to train, let alone blog. But now I have two weeks to rest, work out and blog all I want!!! Until I have to get started again with classes.

I finally got myself a nike+ yesterday!!! I can’t believe I didn’t have one yet, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?! This thing is great, I LOVE IT!! During my run today I was constantly pressing my iPod’s mid-button to see how my pace was going. I really like that I don’t even have to look at the screen to see my progress! again, I can’t believe I didn’t have one of these before.

What got me even more exited was that now I know the exact (or at least a fairly accurate) distance for my runs, which is a great thing to know! I usually go to a park near my house on weekdays to run, and I was told that one lap around the park was exactly 1k, and I always measured my runs and my pace according to this… Well I found out today, thanks to my new nike+ (did I say that I LOVE this thing!), that one lap is actually 1.26k, so I had been running more than I thought I was, and my pace was FASTER than I thought I was!! This means that my goal for a sub 45 mins 10k for this year doesn’t seem so impossible anymore!!

Wow, it feels great to be running and blogging again, I missed it!! I’ll try to write more often now that I have the time for it! Thanks for reading all!


  1. Creo que no he corrido 8+ kms. desde hace por lo menos 6 años jajaja Pero deberia comenzar eventualmente. Ademas no sabia que eso del nike+ funcionaba asi, que cool!

  2. Until about a month ago, I didn’t even know the Nike+ existed (what a newbie!) I’ve got to start looking into getting one. I’m sure my DH would love it because he’s a gadget person, too.

  3. AWESOME! Glad to hear you joined the rest of us! The distance thing is the greatest part about the Nike+ ipod system…coming from someone who uses it solely for that purpose and has no music on hers. lol

  4. Glad you finally got one! Did you make yourself a nike+ mini yet? Also, don’t forget to hit a local track and calibrate it. It will really make it more accurate.

  5. Of all the gadgets, this is probably the best one out there. Welcome to the club, or cult, depending on how you look at it. And welcome back to the blogosphere! I have wondered what you’ve been up too.

  6. Yay, you’re back! I was wondering where you’d been, but hey, finals are important. I work at a very large university, believe me I know! You truly are a gadget guy. I have an older Garmin but I am starting to get gadget envy of all of you! ha ha ha

  7. I received an ipod for Christmas and after the first run I had the exact same thoughts – well except I was snail slow and didn’t enjoying hearing my pace. But it is a lovely gadget – isn’t it!??!!


  8. En efecto, el Nike+ es uno de los mejores experimentos que se hayan realizado sobre la tierra en los últimos años.

    Estoy comenzando a leer tu blog, interesante, sobre todo porque no hay muchos blogs de corredores de habla hispana. Espero que sigas actualizando tus entrenamientos!!

    Checa mi blog también cuando tengas oportunidad!!, si conoces a mas corredores/bloggeros de habla hispana, estaría bueno que pusieras sus links, para poder leer y darnos apoyo


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