Posted by: isshino | June 25, 2008

I Survived my First Brick

Yesterday was my first brick training (Bike ride and then run), and although I was really tired by the time I finished, I survived!!! The idea of brick training is to get the body used to the transition from riding a bike to running, without rest in between.

I started the bike ride at 5pm, it had been raining early in the morning so I had to wait until late in the afternoon to go out. I tried to avoid hills on my route (which is hard to do in Caracas) so I wouldn’t get so tired and to try to keep my average speed above 20km/h. It seemed like it could rain at any time, it was really clouded, and it was windier and colder than usual, which kept me fresh during the whole ride. It was a holiday yesterday down here, so there weren’t many cars in the streets, this helped go fast without worrying about traffic, I ended up doing 25k in about 1:15 with an average speed slightly over 20km/h.

Then I got home and it was time to change for a run. So I took off my shoes and helmet, drank some water that I had left along with my running shoes and the nike+. I got ready in less than 5mins and it was time to go for a run.

Starting to run felt impossible!!! my legs didn’t want to move for the first meters, and once I started moving my stomach got mad at me! I had eaten an apple before going out on the bike, and I was wondering if it was a good decision.

After running the first Km I was feeling well again. It was a weird feeling though. It wasn’t like when I start to run, where I go slow, warming up the muscles. My legs were already warm, and once they got used to the running motion they stopped complaining and maintained a constant speed. However I couldn’t go too fast, It felt as if I was starting to run in the middle of a race, I was feeling like I did when I was running the half marathon, at mile 10.

When I finished the run it was dark already (Don’t you love it when the sky changes from blue to black while you are running?). I ended up running 5.06k in 26’36” with an average pace 5’15” /Km (I love the nike+ stats!). I was extremely tired when I finished, but I’m feeling well today, no sore legs! so I’m ready to run again tonight!


  1. I first read your post when I was on vacation, over my husband’s cell phone, so I couldn’t comment, but wow, you are amazing. Keep up the good work – I can’t imagine how much like butter or jello my legs would have felt, had I tried to do the same as you.

  2. Wow!!!, now that was something!!. I do not think I could ever pull what you just went trough!!. Great work!!

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