Posted by: isshino | July 2, 2008

Bring on the Pain

Yesterday morning I read a really inspiring post on The Running Chick With the Orange Hat blog, she was talking about going out of your comfort zone, about bitting more than you can chew, since that is the only way to really improve, to get closer to your goals and find whatever it is that you are looking for. As I read that post I thought it was really inspiring, and little did I knew at that time how much it was going to help me later that day.

This week I started summer classes, and with them comes a new schedule for everything, including training. I wanted to try running on my university track, since it seemed easier to run at noon when I finished classes, that way I would have all the afternoon free to work and study. Well, yesterday conditions were far from ideal… I’m used to running in parks, which are in the lower part of city, surrounded by trees and where there isn’t much wind. But my university is at the top of a mountain, so it  was extremely windy,  and there are no trees (or shadows) around the track where I was running, plus it was extremely hot. These were all extreme conditions for me, and I had planned doing intervals!!! which is my nemesis when it comes to running.

I think I would had quit if I didn’t read that post in the morning , but I kept thinking while I was running that I couldn’t stop, no matter what, that if I could do it, I could deal with anything on race day. So I kicked the bad thoughts, bit my lip and kept on running, sprinting every 300m and doing my intervals. My pace was slower than usual and I was sweating way more than I usually do, my knees started to hurt, I had side stitches, I was hungry since I only had breakfast on me. But I finished the mileage and the intervals, 8x100m. And as always I finished with my head held up high and sprinting, so that I could remember that no matter how hard the run was, I was able to finish it strong.

I guess that’s the way I’ve been living my life lately. I’ve trying to bite more than I can chew, trying to accomplish it all at the same time. I think that’s the way things work for me, I either go all out or don’t go out at all. And right now I want it all, I’m giving it all. I know it’s hard and that I’m going to crash sometimes, but If I can keep it up, I will have some momentum to pick up the pieces each time I crash, rebuild myself and keep going. I know it’s going to be painful sometimes, that I will crash against the wall more times than I’m going to break through it, but in the end, when the hills are over, I will arrive to where I want to be, as long as I keep it up, as long as I finish strong everyday.


  1. Awesome job pushing through those intervals! I think that your philosophy is really great! I think that if we all have some sort of philosophy or mantra in our heads it makes getting through those challenging runs easier.

  2. BTW- You’ve been tagged! hehe

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