Posted by: isshino | July 7, 2008

Sundays are meant for rest

That’s what I used to believe not too long ago. One year from today I would wake up around 11 on a Sunday, and I would stay in bed resting until it was time to eat lunch.

Today the alarm went out at 8am. I couldn’t sleep much last night because of knee pains that kept waking me up each time I moved, but it didn’t matter. It was Sunday morning, and Sunday mornings are meant for long bike rides! I took an ibuprofen, drank a cup of coffee, ate something and it was time to go. After all I bought new biking shorts yesterday and I had to give them a try today!

I love Sunday morning rides because the city streets are as empty as you can get them, also the main Highway in the city is closed for vehicles so that people can go there and exercise. And that is a great place to get long rides done at a good speed. Today I did 35 miles (53k), my longest distance ever!! and burned over 1800 kcal! (that’s half a pound right there in one morning!). My avg. speed still isn’t where I want it to be, but I’ll get there, i just have to keep training.

I got home at 11:30am, one year ago I would had been still in bed…What a waste of time!!!


  1. I was up by 7 this morning, doing laundry, and house work. Sunday definately isn’t meant for rest in our house. Too many kids, too much laundry and too much life. then we ended the day at the waterpark cooling off from the 110 degree heat! Great way to end the day!

  2. Awesome…I enjoy waking up early to get my runs done just because I hate mid-day heat!

  3. WOW you were flying to burn so many calories! Congratulations, y muchas gracias otra vez por su carta linda. La lei en la nueva edicion de Get Your Geek On! Un abrazo fuerte para ti 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you are doing all the running and the biking, you are my hero!

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