Posted by: isshino | July 21, 2008

PR Day!

I’m exhausted, I achieved 2 new Personal Records today! Nothing official, both were during training, but still, new achievements for me! The first one is a distance PR, 45 miles baby!!! Oh yeah, on the bike, there’s no way in hell I’m running that distance, I’m not THAT crazy!!! Still, it took me 3 hours 40 minutes to get it done (2671kcal, who needs diets!?!?), and for the first time in my life I was feeling like I couldn’t go any longer on the bike.

The second PR today was with the 100 Push Up Challenge, I managed to do 50 push ups at the end of week 2! Half way there and 4 more weeks to go, looking good so far!! Before taking the challenge I was able to do 34, so the program does work!

Yesterday I said that I had a “GREAT-SUPER-UBER-AWESOME new”, well here it goes. I’ve already mentioned that I was inspired to start running-biking-swimming when I listened to a Get Your Geek On podcast a few months ago, and the day before running my half marathon I sent them an email thanking them for the inspiration. Well, yesterday morning I received a comment from Iron Wil saying that they read my letter on the last GYGO episode!!! This was a big surprise for me, I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few months now and they always read really inspiring emails from athletes, and now they read mine too!!

I listened to the episode this morning during my bike ride, it helped a lot on getting the distance done. I couldn’t stop laughing while they were struggling to pronounce my last name, which got me a few evil looks from the other cyclists around me… there I was, going up on a steep hill, passing a group of guys and laughing… Anyways, the episode was really good, as always. Check it out if you are looking for something to listen to on those loooooong training days.


  1. Heard about your site on the GYGO Podcast and I just thought I would stop by and say hello and good luck with your upcoming adventures.

  2. Awesome news, about the PRs, and the podcast! We have a celebrity among our midst! Woohoo!

  3. just wanted to let you know if you like the lance armstrong book i just read (it’s not about the bike) then you may like the next one he put out after that – called “every second counts” – I just got it from the library this week (being a librarian it’s hard for me to pay for a book when i can get it for free unless it’s a running book) and it’s supposed to be about the time of his life after he was cleared of the cancer. He has a few bios out there, I am sure they are all good. I was thinking you’d really like the one i just read though! let me know what you think!

  4. Hey!!, that’s great news!!, at least you know you are getting heard by someone!!, congrats on your new PR!!, awesome work, really!!..

    What is your first name by the way??, I read that the guys from the podcast were having problems trying to pronounce your name, but I could not find it anyway on your blog!!

    Anyway, congrats!

  5. You really made me do a double take there. I almost had a heart attack when you said you did 45 miles…(thinking it was running). Glad to hear you got that far on the bike though! Awesome! And I’ll have to listen to that podcast sometime soon now that I know one of my fellow bloggers was mentioned…

  6. […] First, I was featured on a podcast episode a month ago, and now a Newsletter from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is talking about my amazing running […]

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