Posted by: isshino | August 1, 2008

iPod on Shuffle = Bad Idea

Yesterday before my run I wasn’t sure of what to listen on my iPod while running, so I decided to put it on shuffle, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ I thought. After all, I use the iPod mostly for running, so almost everything there I like to listen to while I run… So I start the run and the first song that comes up is Extreme Ways from Moby, good, I like to run to this song, things are going well with the shuffle experiment so far!

After this, it seemed like the iPod wanted to play a little joke on me, so it decided to start playing EVERY SINGLE SONG that I don’t have there for running, it decided to pick on all the ballads I have on it, all the extremely slow-not-for-running songs!! How Irritating!!! So I spent the next 45 mins skipping songs, because to change a playlist on with the nike+ you have to stop the workout, which either means you have to stop running, or you keep running while doing it but it stops recording data, and I didn’t feel like doing either. This is one feature of the nike+ that I really don’t like HATE!, why couldn’t they make it so that you can change playlists without stopping the work out???

To add to that, the nike+ was giving me the distances all wrong, I was running near my house in a route that I’ve measured many times with both my car’s and my bike’s odometer, and the iPod decided to give me the distances wrong, make some miles longer than others!! I might have to calibrate it, again.

I was planning to a slow/recovery run, my legs were still sore from Monday’s Tempo and I had to take a couple ibuprofen before going outside to be able to run. And with all the mishaps with the iPod and sore legs I decided to cut the run 2 miles shorter than I had planned and call it a day.

Today I thought I was going to wake up with sore legs again, but I was feeling great!! Active recovery doing it’s magick maybe?? I usually have to stay a day or 2 innactive when I have sore muscles, but this time I got better with more training!! I even went out for a 20 mile bike ride today, feeling as good as ever!


  1. That’s awesome you felt better! I have been noticing with my Nano, most of my music is becoming up tempo, but when I have had it on shuffle, it has happened to me too – that that’s when all the slow songs decide to play! ha ha ha

  2. Yea at least your I-Pod has good running songs on it somewhere. I have yet to add any of my own music to my I-Pod because I have to reload all my CD’s into I-Tunes (long story). But nonetheless I’ve been trying to run to my ex roomie’s R&B junk and Bright Eyes stuff. It’s so hard to get motivated when you got a teary eyed dude singing a ballad in your ear.

  3. […] an Ibuprofen, made a 1 hour playlist for the iPod with what I was listening at that time (no more shuffle adventures for me!!!!) and put on my running shoes. I go outside and listen to those now familiar words: […]

  4. I hear you on the shuffle! Imagine having 40 or so kids’ songs on your iPod. You’re getting into a running groove and then suddenly Donald Duck’s voice comes on singing “Bicycle Built for Two.” YIKES! I’ll take a slow ballad over kids’ music any day. LOL

    I think a lot of us have a love/hate relationship with our Nike+. I have a Garmin now, but still like my Nike+ to give me those cool congratulations, etc.

    I’m glad your legs are recovering!

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