Posted by: isshino | August 2, 2008

Too much?

Today I started the day with a brick workout. I wanted to make it short, but with high intensity, so I began with 20k on the bike on a hilly course. It felt pretty good as I was going as fast as I could the whole ride, finishing the 20k in 55 mins. After that I quickly changed my shoes, drank some water that I had left on my improvised transition zone and went out to run.

The plan was to run 5k, but I had to cut it short. During the first 3k I was sure that I was going to die, and during the 4th Km I was sure that I was dead, so I stopped for a break that didn’t end. I didn’t feel guilty for cutting it short, I’ve had an intense week, with a lot of good workouts and I always try to listen to my body, and today he was screaming “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP NOW!!!!!”.

Then tonight I was bored out of my mind. Work has been really slow lately, I’ve got nothing to study for next week and no plans to go out tonight. So I was lying on my bed listening to music, but something was wrong, something was missing, I owed myself 1k!!! I took an Ibuprofen, made a 1 hour playlist for the iPod with what I was listening at that time (no more shuffle adventures for me!!!!) and put on my running shoes. I go outside and listen to those now familiar words: “Beginning workout”….

The run was PERFECT!! It’s been sooo long since I feel this good while running, not that I’ve had bad runs lately, but tonights was specially good. No distance goals, time challenges or fast pace to keep. I listened to the whole playlist and even repeated some songs, didn’t got tired and finished when I was feeling like it was enough. I was just running for the sake of running, and it was perfect!!

And at the end of the run, Lance Amstrong (nike+) congratulated me for a great workout!! how cool is that?


  1. Gotta admit, I didn’t think your blog post would end the way it did, given its beginning, but I am so happy for you that that was the case. Some nights that is when I run the best too, not caring about my time. i checked my pace for my run in the dark the other night and at one point, I was doing 8:46 – yay!

  2. Your post was encouragement to me. I used to live for those “runners high” moments when you feel like you are flying. With the heat, treadmills and speed workouts, I haven’t felt that for awhile. Your post makes me remember what it feels like to feel really good while running. I’m hoping that I’ll feel it again in San Diego in a few weeks where the weather will be cool.

  3. Awesome that you had a good run! I love it when that happens! Oh and the other day my I-Pod had someone other than Lance Armstrong congragulate me…have you had that happen?? It was strange. lol

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