Posted by: isshino | August 6, 2008

I think my Nike+ is Drunk!

Each day that I go out for a run with my Nike+ I trust it less and less!! Last week it was giving me completely wrong distance readings, and on my run last night the thing was even worst!!! There was no logic to what it was saying, so I´m assuming my Nike+ has alcohol problems.

I’ve calibrated the thing 2 times already, and yesterday on a course that I’ve already measured the distance a couple of times it was giving me a wrong reading. But what bothers me is that it´s not even consistent with what it says. The faster I go, the longer it says the miles are!!! Which is frustrating because it makes me think that I’m going slower than I really am!! If at least it would measure all the miles the same, it would be bearable, not random distances for each mile!!

But the worst came yesterday when it started playing with my pace!!! There I was, 25 minutes into my run, going anaerobic in the middle of a speedwork training, with my polar HRM indicating 191 heart beats per minute, I was going fast, so I press my iPod´s center button to check how fast I’m going (at least an estimate from my drunk buddy) and it says I´m doing 18:30 minute/miles!!!! COME ON!!!! Then I slow down to rest a bit for the next interval, and check my pace again thinking I´m going to get a good laugh at it saying I´m doing 30 minute/miles… But NO!! it seems that I´m going faster now, I´m actually doing 9 minute/miles!! maybe if I start crawling I can do a Boston qualifying time!!

Ok, so either my alien super powers allow me to  control the space-time continuum (like Hiro from Heroes) or my Little buddy (Nike+) is having serious alcohol problems. Thinking its probably the later, I´m going to take it to AA (re-re-calibrate it) this afternoon, hoping that it should solve the problems and I can get an ‘accurate’ pace/distance reading when I´m running. Now I´m more convinced than ever that I MUST get a garmin 405, I´ve read nothing but good reviews from the 305, and the new model is so much more smaller!! It´s the ultimate running gadget! And now, I Must have it!


  1. I’ve been having similar problems with my Nike+. I haven’t calibrated yet, but after reading this, I’m less confident that it will do much of anything. I do know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are running at a good pace and then get a totally wacked out reading from the Nike+. It totally bums me out!

  2. Yikes! That doesn’t sound like fun. I’m glad mine is behaving…thus far.

  3. Is it possible that you are hitting the button right after changing your speed? Some times it lags behind about 10 seconds or so. Mine has not ever been that bad. But I do get paula or lance telling me I had the fastest mile after almost every run. Its got to be a glitch! There is no way I am beating my time everytime!

  4. actually i need to tell you one thing about gps in general – if you are running on a very cloudy day and in an area with lots of tree cover, it will sometimes tell you you are running slower when the satellites can’t read it so clearly. i do find my garmini 405 is better than the older one i had, and it doesn’t turn itself off and on, but the distance is pretty accurate. i really love my garmin i have to admit. it weighs almost nothing!

  5. […] Nike+ Strikes Back Well, my little buddy did it again. Not the same error from last time, I’m used to that by now. This time, it was a different error, in a whole new level of […]

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