Posted by: isshino | August 30, 2008

Ready for the Human Race!!

Finally I’m going to race again!! It’s been a while since the last time I did. I don’t know if I will be able to perform as good as I wanted to when I started training for this, because I had to cut short my training the last 2 weeks because of the hernia I had, but that’s part of the past now. I’ve only run once this week, I ran 5k on 26 minutes. I wanted to do this 10k in under 50 minutes, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to, however I am still going for a PR, I have to finish in under 53:33 to accomplish that.

I checked the route today and it looks doable, only one uphill part that can slow me down and it’s before the 3k mark. So my plan is to start ‘slow’, around a 5:20 min/km pace for the first 3k, then try to be under 5 min/km for the next 5k, and go all out the last 2k. If all goes well I should finish in a good time!! So let’s pray to the Running Gods that i don’t run into any side stitches or extreme sudden muscle pains or anything like that!

I decided to wake up early today to pick up my shirt and number. The shirt is Ok, I really like the material and design, but it’s a bit big for me, even though I got the size ‘M’ one. There were no ‘S’ shirts for men, I aswked for a ‘L’ woman shirt, but the guy gave me a strange look and called for the next person in line… So I’ll have to go with what I have, it’s not THAT unconfortable, but I’m picky with these things and I like to be confortable with what I’m wearing when I run. Anyways, my shirt # is 300.943, that has to be the global number because the limit for Venezuela was 9.000 runners. It sucks that they don’t let more people do this race, it’s like the biggest running event around here.

Good luck to all the other runners that are joining me tomorrow in The Human Race, no matter where you are, have fun and a Great Race!! If you wanna come and say Hi!, I’ll be the guy with the white shirt!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you get your PR.

    I’ll be joining you in spirit. I’ll be running here in San Diego. The local running store has mapped out a 10K run and I’m going to go there so it feels a bit more like a race. I think if I did it on my own, I wouldn’t be as motivated to get my PR.

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