Posted by: isshino | September 2, 2008

I’m Famous

First, I was featured on a podcast episode a month ago, and now a Newsletter from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is talking about my amazing running skills!!! Yeah, you read it right, a Brazilian newsletter. The Alien loving season has begun baby.

The Newsletter name is O Globo and you can find where they quote me here. The article is about the Human Race, and they talk about my race experience, of course the article is in Portuguese. Here’s what they say:

“Num blog chamado Alien on the Run, achei o relato de um cara chamado Isshino. Não consegui saber de onde ele escreve. Mas parece ser de uma cidade costeira dos EUA. O cara, que não começou ontem porque faz cinco minutos por quilômetro, comeu o pão que o diabo amassou por causa de uma hérnia. Mas correu. E andou. E chegou. E agradeceu os amigos corredores. “Tudo o que vocês conquistaram me ajudou a reunir forças para chegar lá. Então, eu também posso ser uma fonte de inspiração quando vocês estiverem num dia ruim de treino.”

Now, my attempt to translate that for all of you. This is going from Portuguese, which I don’t speak but looks a lot like spanish (my native language) to english, so let’s see if I can make sense.

“A blog called Alien on the Run Talks about a guy called Isshino (my wordpress user name). I couldn’t find out where he is writing from, but I think it’s from a US coast city (Actually, it’s from Venezuela, right next to Brazil). He started well at a 5min/km pace, but then he ate the bread that the devil made (crazy brazilian expresion uh?) because of a hernia. But he ran. He walked. He finished. He thanked his running friends: “All that you have managed to accomplish helped me gather the strength to get there, so that I can too, be a source of inspiration when you are having a bad training day.”

How cool is that?? Next thing you know Obama and McCain will be fighting over my support!! And That is what will decide the elections my friends!


  1. w00t you are super famous! I hope your support goes to Obama.

    Congratulations, that’s awesome. And can I just say that I love direct translation of idiomatic expressions?

  2. Movin on up, Alien!

  3. Very cool…pretty soon you will become water cooler convo “Hey dude…did you check out that Alien guy’s blog mentioned on ‘O Globo’?”

  4. That is so funny. I loved reading your translation. You ARE famous! I didn’t realize you were in Venezuela. Looks like a beautiful place to run. Congrats on finishing the Human Race too!

  5. Cool!!, great that you were posted on a human race article!!, I also ran the human race, but no one place my blog at their article…


    Anyway, great news!!, keep up the training’s!!

  6. […] yesterday I decided to run 10k again, the distance that (quoting That brazilian newsletter) made me eat the bread that the devil made. I went to ‘El parque del […]

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