Posted by: isshino | September 8, 2008

Active Recovery

After the bad race last Sunday I decided that I was going to attempt some active recovery. The plan was to keep up with the volume of training that I had before the race, but just lowering the intensity of each workout. And so far this has been working pretty well.

I started on Wednesday with a 5 mile run, I felt great, still had sore legs but besides that, everything was fine. Then on Thursday I did 3 miles and went swimming on Friday, still, everything feeling perfect, as if nothing happened last Sunday.

Then yesterday I decided to run 10k again, the distance that (quoting That brazilian newsletter) made me eat the bread that the devil made. I went to ‘El parque del Este’ (East Park). This is a really nice place to run here in Caracas, it’s a big park/zoo that has a lot of trails, semi-exotic-animals that you can see while running and even a small lake with a replica of the ship where Christopher Columbus came to discover America. The weather was perfect, I decided to do 2 laps to my favorite trail, which is almost 5k.

This park It’s the only place where you can go (safely) and run on trails in Caracas, and it’s really cool that you can run near the animals that are kept in the zoo part of the park. Well, as I was running there yesterday on what was my favorite trail I see THIS:

WTH?!?!? That fence is NOT supposed to be there!!! So I stopped the run for a moment and started talking to the people that where there to find out what was going on…

If there’s ONE thing that Venezuela is famous for right now (besides the gross amount of oil we have) is our… how should I say this… our swashbuckling president. Well, ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ decided that Christopher Columbus was an Imperialist, because he came from Spain to kill the Natives of the American continent, and because of this he decided to take out the replica of his ship and use one a HUGE part of the park to build a museum for some ‘True Revolutionary’ dude that died more than 500 years ago and that no one gives a crap about right now… So my trail is gone now, along with a few other cool routes in the park.

Ok, political rant over. I did managed to finish my 10k, but I had to go through a different/new route that was a lot more crowded. Today I went biking for 20 miles in the morning and then swimming in the afternoon. So far I’ve been feeling perfectly, so next week (tomorrow) I’m starting regular -more intense- training again.

Thanks for reading and happy running!


  1. Somehow I seriously some very important information. All this time reading and I’ve completely missed the fact that you are in Venezuela! Dude…now I’m thoroughly jealous as winter sets in up here in Minnesota soon.

    And this statue fiasco…that’s some crazy stuff! (Well the trail looked beautiful until that point…)

    Hope you have better luck on your next runs…

  2. That one picture looks kind of like our path today (at least part of it anyway, with the trees.) That sucks you lost some of your trails!! I am so glad you are feeling better though.

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