Posted by: isshino | September 28, 2008

Back From Paradise

I’m finally back home after a few days of vacations. I managed to get a couple of runs while I was away, it was nice to get a chance to run on a completely different environment, to get a chance to see different things while you run and get used to different weather, although I’m not a fan of warmer weather, but still, a good experience.

I also got the chance to swim on open waters, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It’s harder to swim when there are currents and bigger waves than in a pool. Not to mention salty water!!! It might sound like something non-important, but when swimming for a long time on the sea the salty water taste can get really disgusting!

I leave you with a few pictures from Morrocoy (where I was), the Caribbean at it’s finest πŸ˜›

The first 2 are from one of the most famous beaches there, called ‘Cayo Sombrero’. which means ‘key hat’, and I think it has that name because it’s a small island shaped like a hat.

This one is from a ‘Bajo’. Which is were I went on Saturday. A ‘Bajo’ is a place where the water level is really low, so what we do is throw the anchor there and just pass the day swimming and on the boat. It doesn’t get more peaceful than that!

And this one is me sitting on the boat, the sky was beautiful that day!

Good run to everyone on this weekend! I’ll update later once I start training again next week.


  1. Can we say envious! It looks gorgeous!

  2. I shouldn’t be posting at work, but I could not help it. I am soooooo jealous. Someday before I die, I’m going there!

  3. I knew you’d post pics and I knew I’d be jealous, and I am!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement today on my blog – I could certainly try for the 4:30 – I just want to finish the marathon standing-up!! πŸ™‚

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