Posted by: isshino | October 28, 2008

Asics Piranha SP Review

A few weeks ago while checking the recommendations that Amazon had for me I saw these shoes with a 50% off. Seemed like a good offer so I went online to check for some reviews, I liked what I read so I ordered them. Three or so weeks later I got them and took them for a test ride today.

First thing I have to say about these shoes is that they are LIGHT! So light that when I got the box from amazon I thought they sent only one shoe on it. They weight only 4.8 ounces!!! Both shoes weight less than one of my old Asics!! Of course, this comes at the expense of some comfort. Don’t get me wrong, the shoes feel great, don’t bother me at all and are comfortable enough, but these are not the shoes I’d wear on a marathon.

These are racing shoes, I bought them specially for 10k or shorter distances, and they feel great for this. They are light, comfortable, adjust well to your feet and even look really nice (for running shoes standards!) and did I mention that they are reaaally light? Running with them feels as if you’re not wearing anything (in a good way), they also have really good ventilation to keep your feet cool (I’d stay away from them in cold weather).

As I said before, I took them for a run today. Of course this is not all because of the shoes, as I was going hard today. I did a 5k time trial. The results?? 2 new PR’s:
*5k on 23:35
*1 mile on 6:58
They felt great during that run, and helped me go faster than ever! If you are looking for an everyday training shoe or something to do long distances with, stay away from these bad boys. But if you want something light to do speedworks and short distance races, get ’em!!

I always say that for runners getting new shoes is like getting a new car for ‘regular’ people. Well, I feel like I got a convertible! I won’t use it everyday, just for special occasions, but when I use it I’m going to rock!


  1. Nice new kicks! You know…I meant to tell you…as I was running my marathon…there was a sign held by a cheer team that said “Alien Crossing”….it made me think of you.
    Congrats on the PRs!

  2. Tttssss…..I think I may need to get some of those!!. My knee pain is getting worst everytime, and if you recommend them, then they must be good!!!


  3. Believe it or not, but you probably could wear them for a marathon, my brother tends to wear his racing flats for those races. yep, you do tend to take a beating, but you’d take the beating anyway. (but then he’s a whole other breed of fast, unlike me.)

    I like how they look a bit retro, too, no?

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