Posted by: isshino | November 4, 2008

Nutrition nutrition nutrition

I used to think that My Nemesis was doing speedworks, but now I got used to them, and sometimes, somedays, I even enjoy them. But I’ve found a new Nemesis (and it’s not my Nike+… although I REALLY dislike the thing!), it’s one that has proven a lot harder to defeat!!!

I started this whole exercising thing a bit more than a year ago. One of the reasons at the beginning was to loose weight and look good and healthy. Back then it was really easy to find motivation to diet. I used Doctor Cox’s (from Scrubs) technic, I hated my body and worked really hard to change it. So when in need for motivation, I just had to look at the mirror. By now I’ve lost over 40 pounds, I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve never looked better.

The mirror thing doesn’t seem to work anymore, I see my self in the mirror and I look better than ever. My body fat% is around 13% (it goes up and down from 12.5% to 13.5%), and it’s been like that for the last 6 months. But I want more!!! Not in an unhealthy kind of way, this doesn’t have to do with eating disorders, anorexia or anything like that. I just want to be a bit more lean and loose some more fat so I can be faster and finally find my ‘ideal running weight’.

The thing is that I’ve been unable to find motivation to diet. And when I found some and start to diet, I feel really weak when I exercise and if I do it early, then I’m really useless the whole day, so I loose the little motivation I had.  I’m sure that the main reason why I’m not loosing weight just with the high amount of exercise I do is bad nutrition. I think I eat healthy, and ‘good’ portion sizes, but I’m obviously not doing it right. What would you recommend me? Is there a good book about nutrition for endurance sports that you have read? Or a diet that you follow that works for you?? I’ve thought about going to a Nutritionist, but I think that finding a good sport nutrition doc around here might be hard.

I’d like to finish loosing all the weight that I want to loose before this year ends, I don’t want to make it a goal for next year to loose more weight, I want my goal to be to maintain the weight! After all, I think I just need to loose 4 or 5 more pounds. Don’t hessitate to write all your suggestions, I need them!!


  1. I myself am trying to strike a balance with weight and running. I think this is where I’m supposed to be at though.

    Nonetheless, I just let my body dictate. Not to say that I don’t eat whenever I want to. But that’s exactly what I do, eat when my body tells me and if I overeat, hey no biggie. Just eat a lighter meal later. Easier said then done, but just listen to your body. I find that when I get too critical, I tend to eat more than my body needs.

    Also, substitute the whole fats for low fats. I drink skim milk, low fat butter, etc. Just see what works for you.

  2. First of all, congratulations on how far you’ve come–forty pounds is a great weight loss and you should be proud of that! Plus, your progress while I have been following your blog has been really inspiring.

    I think this is something that all runners struggle with–I know it has been a consistent problem for me. Every time I train for a marathon, I end up gaining weight in spite of the huge amounts of running. It is very difficult to find a balance between what you burn from running and what you need in order to keep your body going.

    Have you tried keeping a food journal? This may help you to identify what you are eating what you aren’t eating, when you are eating, how much, etc. It is really easy to forget how much you’ve eaten when you look back on your day, and accountability and keeping track of everything can be really helpful in that regard.

    I hope you find something that works!

  3. Maybe you don’t need to lose those 4-5 pounds. I weigh about 118 and I’m only 5’1. Yet I wear a size two, or even a 1, and I think I might just own a size 0 skirt.

    Here’s the thing. That weight is muscle, it has to be. Maybe the weight you think you need to lose is muscle.

    I don’t mean to be pushing Hammer products, but I do like the phytomax pills I have been taking the last few weeks. They are not a substitute for good nutrition but they do seem to supplement what I am already doing. They say that they help your sleep, and I think they do. It’s hard to explain, maybe it’s because everything is in better balance?

    They do say that most portions you get when you eat out are actually about 4 times what you really should eat. Someone told me about a great book on my blog a while back, I will look through the comments and see if I can still find it. that book was great for me where the self-confidence part was concerned, I think mainly it was concerned with food.

  4. Maybe you need to perform other type of exercises to get to the weight you wanted. Your body is used to the exercise so it is not burning calories as fast as before.

    Try something else, maybe raquetball. That is a good sport!!

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