Posted by: isshino | December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! just a quic post to wish you all a happy holiday! Right now I’m making a list of all th things that I have to pack tomorrow. That’s right, I’m going on a family trip (13 of us, between cousins, aunts & uncles) tomorrow to Mont Tremblant, which is near Montreal. I am soooo scared of the weather there!! I’m going to freeze my everything there!! The coldest place that I’ve ever been was Orlando (16 years ago!), I went there to visit Mickey Mouse and one day it was 6 ºC… I remember it being sooo cold back then. And now where I’m going is going to be at -23 ºC!!!! That’s just too much for my warm caribbean ass!!!! On the other hand, I’m soooo excited that I’m going to see snow for the first time in my life! Not to mention that I’m going to go snowboarding!!!

On another news, I got myself a Garmin Forerunner 50! I ordered it on november 23th and it arrived yesterday morning (Yey! a xmas present from me to me!!). The batteries on the heart rate  strap of my polar watch died, and it was imposible to replace them (good one Polar!), so instead of ordering a strap I decided to get a watch that would also allow me to track my pace/distance so I can finally get rid of my nike+ (it was actually 2 xmas gifts in one!!!). I had thought on getting a garmin 405, but since Caracas (where I live) just got the ‘honor’ of being the murder capital of the world, the idea of running around with a 350$ watch don’t seem like the smartest thing to do, so I decided to get a cheaper one that still does most of the thigs I want it to do. I took it for a short test run today and so far I LOVE it, i’ll wait untill I’ve used a coupple of times before I make a more complete review.

BTW Terri, about the question you asked on my last post, ‘what’s it like living in what I consider paradise-weather’. Well, It’s awesome not knowing what hot or cold weather is, or heavy rains, or storms, or anything like that. Beaches here are incredibly beautiful (oh yeah, did I mention gas prices? it costs me less than 1 US$ to fill my tank). On that side this IS like living on paradise… on the other hand, things here are pretty different from the US (or any other first world country), I try to avoid going into local political stuff here (this is a training blog after all, who wants to hear me complaining about each time the national guard visits my university?), but you can read the link above to get an idea of why it’s easy to forget that we live in paradise around here.

Well, enough of that! It’s Christmas!! So Merry Christmas to all!! Have a happy holydays and a happy new year!!! I doubt I’ll be writting much from Canada, but I’ll be back here full speed once I get back next year!


  1. You are going to Canada?!! I hope you packed a parka? Although I’m not one to talk…it was -11 degrees farenheit a few weeks ago and I was walking around without my layers!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  2. Oh Alien, I had to laugh when I heard you had never been further north than Orlando, and now you are going to MONTREAL! That is a city that EVEN I consider cold this time of year – ha ha ha! I am picturing your face the first time you see snow, and it’s making me smile. Here’s a tip, though, be sure not to eat YELLOW SNOW. Think about it…. 🙂

    And thanks for the links to the videos of the national guard at your university. My sister-in-law’s brother’s family (got that?) just moved from Venezuela to British Columbia, canada, about two years ago. The mom is from Venezuela originally, and they just didn’t want to bring up their kids there any longer, because of all the unrest, the leader of the country, etc. I do realize we are lucky in the States to be able to say what we want, and to not be afraid to run with a $350 watch on our wrists, thanks for reminding me.

    Oh and now every time I fill up my car and spend $12, i am happy but then I think of you spending $1 and I just say “that Alien!!!!”

    Enjoy your trip with your family to the frozen north! Can’t wait to see your pictures when you get back and hear all about it.

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