Posted by: isshino | September 18, 2008

Creating a habit

I have 2 more weeks before I start the university again, and with that comes a more busy schedule than what I have right now. So my plan for the last 2 weeks has been to create a different habit for training, to get the body and mind used to it so that when I start classes it doesn’t get so hard to get used to everything.

The plan is to train twice a day. An early morning session and a late afternoon/evening session. Usually the morning session consist of a short run or weight training and they take between 20 and 45 mins. The second session takes between 45 and 90 mins, and it’s the ‘strong’ session for the day, be it running, biking or swimming. But these sessions are not really that intense, I’m trying to get used to the high volume first, to get the body to the point where I can train twice a day without getting too tired, and once I accomplish this I can start thinking about increasing the intensity and making the evening sessions longer.

Since I don’t have any other ‘A’ races planned for the year (I might do a couple of 10k’s, but I’m not specially training for them), I’m thinking that creating the habit to train twice a day and to get used to high volume training is a good way to prepare for next year, for which I have a lot of plans and (ambitious) goals, but more from that on another post!.

I’m so jealous reading at everyone else’s blog! Most people are either tapering or just had their ‘Big Race of the Year’!! I’d like to be there right now, training for my big race!! I’m cheering to all of you from here! keep it up, keep up the training and you all will do great!


  1. Hey, I had my big race for the year last month, but believe, I do not even half as fit as you are…so that race I can say that it may be the last one!!

    I am having some back aches and my knee is also hurting….so enjoy your health!!!

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