Posted by: isshino | October 5, 2008

‘Racing’ Tomorrow

There’s this 10k race tomorrow called ‘Caracas Rock’. I didn’t sign up for it in time because I had the whole Hernia thing and I was waiting to see if I would end up going for surgery or not, and by the time I tried to sign up for the race it had sold out.  But as the good Alien that I am, I have good connections and know the right people, so I did some shady deals and got myself a number for the race!!!

The bad thing is that I knew I was going to race yesterday! So I didn’t have any time to train for the race. Of course, I’m still running it and going to finish it, it’s just that all my training lately has been around long slow runs, so I’m not going for a PR or anything like that. I’ll be happy if I finish under 60 minutes. I think I’ll just take it easy, try to look for the guys taking pictures and wave at them to see if I can FINALLY get a good pic in a race. Maybe I’ll just find a pretty lady and run next to her, they always seem to get a lot of pictures taken!!

That is if my competitive side doesn’t get the best of me and I try to go all out for a PR, but I don’t think that’s what will happen. After how bad I felt during the Human Race, I feel like taking it easy tomorrow and just having a good time.

Before I leave I want to wish Terri to have a great day tomorrow, she’s running her first marathon and I’m sure she is going to do great!! Check her blog on the next few days because Im sure she’ll post an awesome race report soon.

Good Running to you all!


  1. Thank you so much for this shout out, Alejandro, I mean it. I’m so glad you PR’d in that 10K – that’s awesome!! Can’t wait to read all about it.

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