Posted by: isshino | June 4, 2008

Great run today

I’ve been trying to convince my friends to run with me for some time now. Every now and then I manage to get one of them to come along with me some days, but I’ve never managed to run constantly with them. Today one of my friends came to run with me, I had planned to do speed-works today, and since he’s in good shape I decided to do the speed-works with him instead of the usual slow run I do when someone joins me for a run.

I read (I think it was an article at Runners World) about a good way to run with a group of people. The idea is that you set a workout session, and each person in the group leads the run for a certain distance. The workout I planned for today was to do a 7.5k run, the first 2.5k were warmup (going around the park where we were is 2.5k, this gave my friend the chance to get to know the terrain at a slow pace), after the first lap, each one of us would lead for 1k, and had to do 2x200m speed-works in that 1k. And we were going to do this for 4k, so it was going to be 8×200 for the day and a total of 7.5k including the cooldown in the end. It’s a fun routine to do with people, and a lot simpler that it sounds here.

The workout didn’t seem hard for me and my friend was also confident that he could do it, so we started. The first 2.5k went fast and easy, and then we started switching the lead. I was going to be the first one leading, so once we hit the first 100m I did the first speed-work which was downhill, took 300m to rest and did the second one, which had a part going uphill. They felt great and my friend was right behind me keeping the pace, good! When my 1k finished it was time for my friend to lead, and like me, he did the first speed-work after 100m, and he went all out on it. I barely managed to keep up with him, but after he finished… well he was done, he used all his strength there and was unable to run after it, so we walked for the next 1.3k. While talking I learned that he didn’t had anything for breakfast, which I’m sure was the cause for him going completely out of fuel after that sprint…

When we were walking to the car I saw that he looked has if he had recovered and asked him if he was up for another lap, he said he could walk it, but I then convinced him to go running reaaaaaaaally slow. There is no way I was going to end up the day like that, with a short run and a feeling as if we were defeated by the speed-works!!! So we started to run again at a slow pace while chatting. One lap became 2 laps, and we started to go a bit faster. In the end my friends knees were hurting a bit, but he managed to run the last 2 laps without walking and we even did the last 200m at a faster pace, like making up for the sprint we didn’t do earlier.

In the end, we were both really tired and my right ITB was hurting too, but we did a good 10k run, and it was fun. And I’m sure my friends knees are going to be hurting for a couple of days, but at least I’m sure he finished the run with a sense of accomplishment, he didn’t end up the day feeling as if he failed to finish the run, but with the feeling that he conquered something new. Maybe I will end up having a running buddy after all, we’ll see…


  1. Awesome finding a running buddy! I have yet to do so. Nobody seems to want to run. They always hear the horrid stereotypes about runners with bad knees and don’t want to step foot near it. Maybe one day..

  2. I find the same thing, Rachel. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “you are going to ruin your knees with that running” as the person saying it shoves a cheeseburger in their mouth. Ok, that was mean. You know what, I just might blow out a knee someday, so if that is going to happen, I might as well train as hard as possible so I can do my half-marathon and then a marathon before it happens!

    I think I am going to join the local running club and see about doing a group run this weekend. I need a running friend!

  3. Good for you to go out there and work it with someone like that. I found that running with our coach last night was much better than if I would have tried to do it on my own. I was so tired when I left work, yet energized after we did our fast 3 miles. Just make sure you friend eats next time!

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