Posted by: isshino | July 20, 2008

My Mac Died!!!!!

My Mac died 2 weeks ago!!! This has been the worst for me, usually if I’m not training or at classes I’m using my Mac, I have everything there!! Music (over 40GB!!), videos, pictures, mails, work, training schedules, RSS Reader for all the blogs I follow, telephone numbers, TV Series… EVERYTHING!!! And now it’s all lost! And the worst of it all is that I’ve been forced to use Windows to work in the meantime! I feel dirty!!! I finally got the time to install openSuse on an old desktop on my house so that I can at least read my mails, blog and surf the web while I get my Mac back from the MacStore, at least it was under warranty, and the guys at the MacStore said that there’s even a chance that I get my data back!

But enough of geek talk!! This is a training blog after all!!!

I’ve got great news!!! I’ve decided I’m going to race the Carcas Nike 10k Human Race on august 31. I’ve always been planning on running it, but now I’m planning on racing it. The difference you ask? I’m going, and training, for a PR now!!!

I’m really excited about this, because since I ran the half marathon in may I’ve been thinking that my next big race is the ’09 Caracas Marathon (sadly there’s only one marathon a year in the country!). So I’ve kept on with the training, but it’s hard to stay focused when your next big race is next year…

I’m following this training plan

that I made with Runners Worls Smart Coach using the time from my half marathon as a reference. I’m also still doing the 100 push up challenge, I’m finishing week 2 today, and so far I’m doing pretty good.

I also have another GREAT-SUPER-UBER-AWESOME new that I got this morning, which I’m saving for my next post! Stay tuned!!!

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