Posted by: isshino | September 5, 2008

What if…

Being the geek/gadget-lover that I am, I’ve been recovering a lot of data from the Human Race and trying to analyze it as much as possible. For starters I finally got the official results:

– I got to the 2.5k mark in 12:48 mins and I was in the 198th position at that point in my age group.

– I got to the 5k mark in 24:40 mins and I was in the 196th position at that point in my age group.

– I got to the 7.5k mark in 44:55 mins and was # 309 in my age group.

– Finished the race in 57:43 and was # 308 in my age group.

-Total # of people in my age group: 1563, which means I was in the top 20%, way above average!! And for the race totals, there were 9188 people participating in the race, and I finished as # 1604, meaning I am in the top 17.5%!!!

I finished the race happy, I had a really bad day and just being able to get to the finish line was big enough of an accomplishment for me, not at all how I had planned to finish, but I was not complaining. Now seeing those numbers, after such a bad race, I can say that I am really happy with the results.

But if I play a bit with the numbers for my first half, before I started walking, just so I can imagine what if… I was at that point #196, which means I was in the top 13%!! Also, 113 people from my category passed me on the second half of the race, this means that approximately 7% of the people on my category passed during this time, and taking this to everyone on the race means that (approximately) 643 people passed me on the second half because of my injury.

Since I usually do negative splits when racing (and training) I can be confident to say that my second half of the race could had been as good (or better) than my first half. So, what if I didn’t injury?? I could had ended in less than 50 minutes, in the top 1000 (out of over 9000 runners) and in the top 13% of runners in my age group!! Only if I didn’t had such a terrible second half.

And to make it all better, check this out:

That’s the top 10 runners in Venezuela for that day!! Do you see me there as #7??? It’s SO cool to be there! Of course, this only means that there aren’t many people that have a Nike+ system here (or that they aren’t really fast…come on #1 in 42 mins…), but still, #7!! WOHOOO!! by the way, I SO could had been #3 if I didn’t injured.. AARRRGGG!!!!!, THAT WOULD HAD BEEN SOOO COOL!!

And to finish my posts about The Human Race. I was SO jealous of Alissa’s AFC Half Marathon report. Did you see how many pictures of her she got from that race?? I was about to send her hate-mail asking if she was stalking the photographers, but I found this, the first picture of me during a race!!! (well, It was of some other guy in front of me, but after some time cleaning it up in photoshop, you can see me!! well, sorta…)

UPDATE: I cut out the guy that the picture was originally from, so I’m the one in the middle of the pic. If there’s still a doubt, I’m This One


  1. LOL…

    Great job on the race. And the picture looks great…

  2. Congrats on the race again…Nice analyzing of the reports. And great photo! It seems that at my half marathon, the official photographer got a bazillion of me but they all look like I just came out of a swamp.

  3. so which guy are you – the one in the hat, or the guy on that guy’s left (my right?!) I usually don’t look good in the pics they catch me in too, unless I am sure to give them a huge smile for a long time, not knowing when the pic is actually getting snapped!

    Awesome results by the way (and who cares if there aren’t as many Nike+s down there in Venezuela?)

    And can I ask – does ishino mean anything in Spanish? I’m always curious!

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