Posted by: isshino | October 22, 2008

Keep going!

I was writting a response to Terri’s post today that ended up being longer than I thought. Long enough to become it’s own blog post, so here I go:

I sometimes have confidence problems when running. I guess it’s a common issue with endurance sports because a big part of endurance is to have the willpower to keep going. To be able to achieve a state of mind and confidence that will make you go until you reach that day’s goal. I hate it when my mind plays little tricks on me and makes me cut a workout loose when my body is feeling great and can keep going.  If my body is fine I should keep going right??? Then why do I stop sometimes??

I’m no expert on this, and my strategies might work some days, and might not work on others. But these are things I (try to) do when my mind start playing dirty tricks on me:
*Focus on what I’m doing right now. Try to think about each step and achieving small goals in the moment. Like getting to where the next tree is, and then to the next one, and to the next one…

*If I think something (physically) is wrong, I slow down and think about the situation, calm down and take a deep breath. Usually that makes that panic feeling go away and I realize that nothings wrong.

*Sing out loud! Yes, the other runners/cyclists stare at me and think I’m crazy, but well, it helps me keep going and takes my mind from whatever reason it’s trying to convince me I should stop.

*Think about everything I’ve accomplished up until this day, and compared to that, that little workout it’s giving me trouble becomes insignificant

*Just finish the workout against my own will. I know my body is strong enough to do it. So why should I stop? If my mind is feeling weak that day, then make it shut up and keep going!

What other tricks do you have under your sleeve when your confidence starts going down? Or do you have a magick way of boosting up your confidence so you can keep going?


  1. Thanks a lot, Alejandro. (hopes it is ok I’m using your real name here.) Last night I felt like my breathing was very shallow several times, I am hoping that my new steroid inhaler helps my breathing overall. I will try your trick with the small things to think about – the next tree, etc. I’ve tried it a few times in the past but never really, REALLY tried it.

    Thanks for responding to my request for help.

  2. Sing out loud?!?!?!,

    Well that is interesting, have never tried it!!, maybe I will try it first on my treadmill before I go out singing outside!

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